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Training Program – Automotive Product Design

Duration – 6 Months

  • Vehicle Integration
  • Interior & Exterior Design
  • Sheet Metal Product design
  • Electrical Wire harness Design
  • GD & T
  • Personality Development

Vehicle Integration

Program Code : APD / CAD / VI / 1201

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Basic Design Process
Concept of vehicle design & Development
Various Teams & Responsibility
Anatomy of Vehicle & its Importance
Basic of VCS & Importance
Packaging consideration
Study of surrounding data
Serviceability of parts
Ergonomic study of parts
Demo on Vehicle
Benchmarking study
Major systems in automobile
   • Engine
   • Fuel system
   • Intake system
   • Cooling system
   • Exhaust system
   • Transmission
Chassis/ Suspension
Electrical & Electronics Aggregates
Platform Strategy
Basics of PLM

Interior & Exterior Plastic Product Design

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Different Applications
Material Selection
Plastic Standards
Plastic testing
Plastic part defects
Plastic Processes
Injection Molding
Injection Blow Molding
Insert Molding
Rotational Molding
Assembly Techniques
Ultrasonic Welding
Vibration welding
Wood stock binding
Heat stacking
Assembly operation
Screw fitting
Plastic Product Design
Gap & Flush requirement study
Draft Analysis
Boss design
Rib Design
Snap Design
Locator Design
Different types of Fixation
3-2-1 Principle for part location
Plastic part Tooling
Basics of Plastic Mould Design Sliders and Lifters
Tooling line & its importance

Sheet Metal Product Design

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Body Construction
Mo no coque
Chassis Frame
Platform strategy
Front End, Under Body, Side Body, Closures
Mechanisms, Sub Systems
Material Selection
Tool Design Concept
Draw, Forming, cutting, hemming etc.
Sheet Metal Product Design
Sheet Metal Parameters, Bending Consideration Relief consideration Etc.
CAD Technique to work on BIW
CAD Drawing creation

Electrical Wiring Harness Design

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Process flow of wiring harness design
Customer input
Design FMEA
Circuit preparation
Wiring harness routing
Preliminary drawing
Cable selection
Fuse selection
Connector selection
Terminal selection
Wiring protection selection
Proto drawing
Design verification plan wiring harness design
Verification of circuit, pin-out, routing.
Verification of cable size
Wiring harness testing

Geometric, Dimension & Tolerance

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GD & T :
What is GD & T
Application of GD & T
Importance of GD &T in engineering
Types of geometrical tolerance. etc.
Consideration of tolerance.
Calculation of tolerance
Hole basis & Shaft basis system
Stack up tolerance·
Sheet metal parts tolerance
Plastic parts tolerance
Cutting tolerance etc.

Personality Development

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Mind storming for designer.
Technique of changing the thought process
Presentation skill development
Communication skill
Interview technique
Various type of Cad test etc.

    Advantages & Features Of Program

  • Course Designed & Planned in Collaboration with Industries.
  • Focus on Domain Engineering knowledge considering current & future trends in the Automobile Industry.
  • Seminars & Corporate trainings.
  • Industry Experienced Trainers for teaching.
  • Training on “ How to Attend Technical Interview”.
  • Working on Live / Dummy Projects.
  • Opportunity to handle Physical parts of an Automobile.
  • 100 % Job Assistance.

  • Placed Students


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